Western Renewable Energy (Pvt.) Ltd.


A Sister Concern of WEL.

Western Renewable Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. (WREL), A sister concern of Western Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is a multi-disciplined Engineering, Green Energy Solution, Consultancy & EPC Company in an endeavor in Solar Power Generation, Supply of solar materials and other Electro Mechanical engineering services to Government and private entities in Bangladesh. The company’s vision is to achieve the trust of the customers for their efficiency, innovation and continuous implementations of their products and services. Our expert Engineers team are always dedicated to improve their products’ design and to ensure highest quality. The instantaneous service and commitment of the experienced engineers has already won the hearts of their valued customers. The company is working on all department of Engineering to provide complete solution for the customer’s satisfaction.

Recently IDCOL has considered extending term loan and grant facilities to WREL for setting up of WREL-279.5 kWp ,WREL-218.4 kWp,WREL-1 MWp  Solar  Mini Grid projects at Monpura Island, Bhola and WREL-279.5 kWp  Solar  Mini Grid projects at Char Changa, Hatiya, Noakhali.

Already we are implementing WREL- 279.5 kWp SMG Project at South Sakuchia Union and WREL-218.4 kWp SMG project at Monpura Union, Mompura Island, Bhola.

Our Motto

Bright Ideas –Smart Solution


  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. 24/7 Service
  4. On-time Delivery of Projects
  5. Highest Quality Control
  6. Committed for Green and Clear Environment.


Western Renewable Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. WREL is to produce quality products and provide best service for achieving good reputation in the market.

Company Operation:

To carry on the business of Power Generation like Power Plant, Solar Mini Grid, Grid Tie Power Plant and Solar Irrigation System for Power Generation & Sell. Manufacturing, promotion, Supply Chain Management, Distribution Sales and Marketing of all kind of Solar Panels, Solar Inverter, Batteries, Electronics Equipment and the Solar Energy home system in Bangladesh or in abroad.  Also business as EPC, Land Development and Civil Works, Electrical Wiring, PFI, Transformer Manufacturing, Generator, Making Transmission & Distribution line and maintenance and all kinds of Electrical and Power related equipment’s Export and Import.


WREL Organogram


Bashir Ahmed
Managing Director

Project Name

  1.  Western Renewable Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. (WREL-01) 279.5 kWp SMG Project at South Sakuchia Union,Monpura Island,Bhola
  2. Western Renewable Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. (WREL-02) 218.4 kWp SMG project at Monpura Union, Monpura Island, Bhola