Vincen Gtech Ltd


A Sister Concern of WEL.

This company was established on May 2016. Vincen Gtech Limited is a multi-disciplined Engineering, Green Energy Solution, Consultancy & EPC Company engaged in prospering in the Renewable Energy Sector of Bangladesh with intended endeavors in Solar Power Generation, Supply of solar materials and other Electro Mechanical engineering services to Government and private entities in Bangladesh. VGL is already complied (VGL-01) 249.6 kWp SMG Project at Monnia Chor, Belgacha, Islampur, Jamaalpur and commercial operation started on 22th December,2018.



Project Name

VGL-01, 249.6 kWp Solar-Diesel Hybrid Mini-grid Project, Monnia Chor, Belgasa, Islampur, Jamalpur.