Other Projects

a. Construction of Embankment surrounding 915.5 Acre out of 1834 Acre Aquired Land, Protective works at River side, Slope Protection & Associate filling works (BPDB).

b. “Rehabilitation of damaged polders under the district of Cox’s Bazar” under Cox’s Bazar O&M Division.

c. Dredging work by Cutter suction dredger and excavator including dredging related works for Developing navigability of Punchnagar-Dinajpur-Nator-Pabna river route (Package-1).

d. Improvement of Latifpur Bridge (R&H) Vowel Mirzapur GC via Boraibari Road at Ch. 0+000-6+700km & Road ID 333322008 (Salvage Amount Tk.109904.00).