09. Construction of 4-Lane with SMV Lane of Feni-Noakhali National Highway

Construction of 4-Lane with SMV Lane at Ch. 40+291 to 44+860m 4.569 Km. of Feni-Noakhali National Highway (N-104) under Noakhali National Highway (N-104) under Noakhali Road Division during the year 2017-2018” (Tender ID-131924)

Main Procurement Entity Road Transport and Highways Division (RHD)
Work Order/ NOA No. NOA- ADP/ACE/2017-2018/Noakhali/PW-02, Date: 09 January 2018
Main Contract/Work Value Tk. 61,08,00,957.07
Commencement Date 01 Feb 18
Completion Date 31 Jan 19